Notes, photos and sketches in one app?

About the Intake-app

To work more efficiently. Who would not want that? Just take the information collection before an offer is actually issued. You go to the customer, make a sketch drawing of the existing dimensions of, for example, a bathroom, take pictures, take notes, etc. and then all this collected data must still be transferred internally to a colleague. With this transfer, something can go wrong. For example, your handwriting may cause uncertainties, all photos taken must be downloaded, notes are lost, a colleague calls because not everything is clear and so on.

Arno Assen, owner of Assen installation technology & bathrooms, was also annoyed by the amount of work that preceded the quotation. That must and can be done more efficiently, Arno Assen thought. That is why the Intake app has been developed. The Intake app can be used while recording work at the customer. Notes, photos, sketches: with the Intake app you have all the information together!

If you have collected all the information, you can send everything to your server when you return to the office. There, your colleague can view all the information right away and immediately make an offer. That is only efficient!​


Why Intake-app

  • The Intake app provides a lot of clarity both internally and externally. Internally because everything can be sent digitally at the touch of a button, because everything is automatically placed in one file per customer. Because of this, nothing has to be found anymore. Externally because the customer can watch what is being sketched and you will therefore not be unclear about this later.
  • The Intake app ensures an accelerated order process! This is because the recording can already be sent towards the cloud so that the work planner can already get started while you are still on the way to the office.
  • The Intake app has a professional appearance towards the customer. The customer no longer sees untidy draft sheets, but a tablet on which their project is sketched;
  • The Intake app will be profitable because the recording will be accelerated by the elimination of time normally required for entering the notes, transferring photos and / or sketches in the client's file. In other
  • words, what you have to arrange afterwards for the case before you or your calculator / work planner can pick up the effect of the recording;
  • The Intake app can be used without a network. Because the software is built on a progressive web app, the Intake app can be used anytime and anywhere;
  • The Intake app is also an environment where all files are stored per relationship;
  • The Intake app is user-friendly and has a compact design. Because everything has remained simple, the Intake app is easy to use by any user. Even if it is not yet experienced with a tablet something similar.
  • The Intake app is also a good step towards a paperless office, a step that provides sustainability and efficiency in your company.


Intake-app € 29,00 (per license)
price per month (billed yearly)
Access the Intake app anywhere!
Work faster and therefore save money!
Easily share files because you have access everywhere!
Can be used without (internet) connection!
You have a professional appearance towards the customer!
Support by Teamviewer and Youtube!
Import and export your current CRM file!
A simple way of digitization!
A digital file cabinet with all files per customer!

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