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To work more efficiently. Who would not want that? Just take the information collection before an offer is actually issued. You go to the customer, make a sketch drawing of the existing dimensions of, for example, a bathroom, take pictures, take notes, etc. and then all this collected data must still be transferred internally to a colleague. With this transfer, something can go wrong. For example, your handwriting may cause uncertainties, all photos taken must be downloaded, notes are lost, a colleague calls because not everything is clear and so on.

Arno Assen, owner of Assen installation technology & bathrooms, was also annoyed by the amount of work that preceded the quotation. That must and can be done more efficiently, Arno Assen thought. That is why the Intake app has been developed. The Intake app can be used while recording work at the customer. Notes, photos, sketches: with the Intake app you have all the information together!